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Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may well not be your standard, well-groomed style icon, but his own eccentric mix of bohemian and grunge creates a unique personal style to be applauded. 

When dressing for events, conventional just doesn’t cut it for this guy.  He personifies free-spirited glamour when rocking a casually fitted dress shirt, with the oversized collar carelessly draping over his jacket.  When dressing down, laid-back jeans, fitted t-shirts, casual shirts and black workman’s boots create a ‘worn in’ yet self-assured style. 

‘Partial to the odd accessory’ would be a huge understatement, where Johnny is concerned!  An eclectic mix of distressed leather wristbands, beaded bracelets, metal cuffs and fabric wrist ties make a bold statement.  Chunky rings, distinctively masculine in design, are also frequently worn.  Impressive arrays of necklaces are often worn, both individually and as an offbeat mix; Pendants, leather cords, chains and tags give a care-free vibe, sometimes offering insight to his influences and travels. 

Accessorising doesn’t stop at jewellery for Johnny… hats, scarves and glasses are frequently worn.  Bandanas, headbands and beanie hats are often incorporated into his casual daywear, with the fedora adding eccentric charm day to night.  Classic wayfarer and round framed glasses with coloured tinted lenses ensure that this individual stands out from the crowd. 

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