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David Gandy
David Gandy

David Gandy’s chiselled good looks may have made him the famous model he is today, but it is his choice of outfit when he is not in front of the camera that is catching the attention of the fashion conscious.  His love of tailoring and his passion for a well-fitted suit ensures that he is the epitome of modern formal wear.  At events, immaculate tailored pieces are his signature look and he will often wear a suave suit with a tie or a casually cool open collar.  Recently, he has been mixing classic and contemporary by piecing together matching jackets and waistcoats with trousers complimentary in colour to his jacket and waistcoat choice – an interesting twist on a smart look!  The finishing touch to his formal outfits has to be the coordinated pocket square.  Other accessory must-haves include cufflinks, a simple watch and a quality leather belt.  As for the shoes, he is a fan of timeless brogues and lace-ups often wearing a shade of brown, ranging from tan to deep mahogany.    

Even in his daywear he still pays homage to tailoring, often sporting a blazer over a fitted tee or jumper worn with washed jeans.  Sunglasses draped in the neckline of his t-shirt or in his blazer pocket add laid-back glamour.  He has also been frequently spotted rocking a scarf and satchel. 

Luckily for us, David is sharing some of his fashion know-how on his Style Guide app!

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