British Spitfire Cufflinks inspired by the famous Birmingham made Spitfire Aircraft



Being Brummies adds passion in this collection for us. We are inspirited by our ancestors and what they designed and accomplished.

This Sterling Silver Spitfire is our flagship product to launch the Our Heritage collection. We thought this was the perfect product to kickstart the range due to the significant role it played in in our WWII efforts.
Best of all, it was manufactured in our very own city of Birmingham just like our cufflinks are!

Attention to detail hasn’t been missed, with a 24 carat gold plated rotating propellor, high quality swivel fixation, and British Hallmark. Be a part of our history!

You could even consider purchasing our solid goldĀ made-to-order edition, made with 9ct or 18t gold!

spitfire goldspitfire

For those of you that don’t know, the Spitfire played a major role in our victory in WWII and it’s certainly the most famous fighter and I presume the most successful one too. The original frame design was made to run on a Rolls Royce Merlin engine and by the time production ended in june 1945 around 12,129 Spitfires had been made in Birmingham.